` Peer-to-Palestinian-peer networking — imaginary family values

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It appears that some Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza are so confident of victory over the Israeli Defense Forces that they are taking on an even more formidable enemy: the Motion Picture Association of America. To quote their press release:

Earthstation 5 is at war with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Record Association of America (RIAA), and to make our point very clear that their governing laws and policys [sic] have absolutely no meaning to us here in Palestine, we will continue to add even more movies for FREE.

I’ve never heard of “Earthstation 5” before, but I’m impressed with how customer-focused this document is. It’s more readable and fact-filled than most of the other press releases that I’ve seen, and their president resisted the urge to make some snarky comment about Hollywood being controlled by Jews. The release even boasts of “FREE ten SEX channels” — shouldn’t Islamic Jihad do something about that?

Nomi keeps telling us that we should watch Salach Shabbati, an Israeli comedy about the travails of a Sephardic immigrant, but our local video stores and Netflix don’t carry it. Do you think someone in Jenin has a tape that they’re willing to share?

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    Peer-to-Palestinian-peer networking — imaginary family values


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