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I’m John Kerry, and because of a conflict of interest, I can’t approve this message

Last update on Nov. 11, 2014.

The September 20 issue of the New Yorker has an interesting article by Ken Auletta (not available online) about Bob Shrum, one of John Kerry’s top advisers. One paragraph in the article particularly caught my attention:

…[M]edia advisers in the Kerry camp had a financial incentive to recommend more advertising. They will divide ...

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New! Improved! 100% more divinity!

Last update on Nov. 11, 2014.

It’s interesting that the commandment “do not add to the thing that I have commanded you…” (Deuteronomy 4:2) comes right before Moses reminds the Israelites of how they sinned at Baal Peor. The midrash halakha explains that one violates this commandment by adding an additional text to one’s tefillin or adding an additional species ...

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Quick notes on the Killian-memo brouhaha

Last update on Nov. 11, 2014.

(For those of you who have been spending too much time engrossed in real life over the past two weeks: a couple of weeks ago, 60 Minutes released memos that were purportedly written by Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, Dubya’s commanding officer when he was in the Texas Air National Guard. If they were genuine, the ...

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Last update on Nov. 11, 2014.

My wife has called my attention to an article in yesterday’s Boston Globe (the link will probably be dead tomorrow) with the following headline and subhead:

Pope, bishops discuss abuses
US leaders urged to embrace flock

Quoth Jen, “Isn’t that what got them into trouble in the first place?”

Time to fire up those credit cards, folks

Last update on Nov. 11, 2014.

We are now entering the season where normal American citizens, and not just wonks like myself, pay attention to the Presidential campaign, and the latest polls have Bush and Kerry pretty much tied.

(The Time and Newsweek polls that gave Bush a double-digit lead appear to be outliers; see this summary of all the major ...

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