` Greetings from Virginia — imaginary family values

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If you can see this (and the domain name in your browser doesn’t begin with “groundcherry”), then your DNS client can see ropine.com at its new IP address, which points to a virtual server run by the nice folks at OpenHosting.

There is a certain cachet to being able to tell people “go to this URL and you will see a Web page served from a computer that is in my basement”, but it’s not worth the tzuris of losing a long weekend’s worth of hits, or more, when the server flakes out and I can’t go down to that basement and fix it right away.

Also, it turns out that it will cost less for me to get a virtual server at OpenHosting (where I am still root within my sandbox) plus a standard DSL service for home (the kind that doesn’t let me run a server), than it’s costing me now to have a static IP address (the kind that does let me run a server in my basement) through Speakeasy.

(If you do want to host a Web server in your basement, or have some other reason to want a geek-friendly ISP, we heartily recommend Speakeasy. We have no complaints about the service they’ve given us; it’s just that we’re moving on to a different kind of service.)

P.S.: Sorry for the hiatus; between Pesach, a string of illnesses in the nuclear family, and a string of visits to and from the extended family, blogging time has been, shall we say, constrained.

P.P.S.: Happy third blogiversary to me!

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    Greetings from Virginia — imaginary family values


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