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Preach it, brother!

11 July 2003

Excerpt from this interview with Kent Beck, the Extreme Programming guru:

I wish developers would consider the enormous consequences of their actions. When I got my driver’s license at 16, I was both elated and terrified; I had newfound freedom and responsibilities to go with it. Now, compare that feeling to when Microsoft sends me a new operating system. Do I have the same feeling? No, I think it’s going to screw up my life for months. For how many decades and for how many millions of people has that negative emotion been created around software. I think it’s such a shame we set our sights so low. Either you’re stuck with software that works the way it works because you don’t want to break it, or you get an upgrade that causes pain and anguish. I just want my stupid computer to work and it doesn’t. That’s not computing.