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Save Adam’s marriage!

8 August 2003

Adam Felber has posted a heartfelt plea to arrest the gay-marriage movement before it…um…does something bad to him.

…Because when our gay friends start getting married, it will cheapen and destroy what we have. Not in a religious way (No. Legislating on those grounds would be illegal, for heaven’s sake!). It’s more of a general thing. Like, generally, gays getting married will undercut everything Jeanne and I have tried to build because… because… it will make our union less special. It will. We’ll lose interest. We’ll probably just start thinking, “What’s so important about our vows? After all, even gay people can make them.”…

Straight people are good with marriage, too. Jeanne and I can look around at other married couples — at least the ones that aren’t currently dealing with serial infidelity, divorce, spousal abuse, or bigamy — and think to ourselves, “Yes, that’s what we’re striving for. That kind of sanctity.” I’m not sure that gays would show the same universal respect for the institution that comes so easily to us straight people.

via Matthew Yglesias