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30 October 2003

An Israeli guard-dog supplier is trying to sell West Bank settlements on guard pigs. One argument in favor of the pigs, according to Kuti Ben-Yaakov, is that “according to the Muslim faith, a terrorist who touches a pig is not eligible for the 70 virgins in heaven.” Al-Muhajabaha links to a fatwa refuting this idea.

Likewise, other nudniks have suggested that shooting Muslim terrorists with lard-covered bullets, or wrapping their corpses in pigskin, will deter their comrades.

Five hundred years ago, Muslim empires controlled southeastern Europe, northern Africa, most of India, and a chunk of the South Pacific. If pork could really function as a sort of anti-Muslim kryptonite, don’t you think some Christians, Hindus, or other infidels would have noticed this gimmick long before then, and stopped the imperial expansion in its tracks?

I know that “all Jews are smart” is a stereotype, but some people are trying too hard to refute it…