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If God had meant for Man to fly, He would have given us wider Eustachian tubes

7 January 2004

We spent December 25–30 in California, so that my mother and her partner could see the little one on her own turf. The experience taught me a valuable lesson: If you are about to get on a plane and you recently had a cold, even if you feel fine, take a course of decongestants. It’s amazing how little it takes to make one’s eardrum feel like the lid of a vigorously shaken beer bottle. Ow. Ow. Ow.

But aside from that, and our toddler’s failure to switch time zones, and his frustration at trying to fall asleep in one of these accursed half-size hotel cribs, and his waking up every ten minutes on the overnight flight back, it was a fun trip, really. Which is why I got back to blogging so promptly after our return.