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Remember, these are the people who run your country

8 January 2004

Excerpt from the transcript of “senior administration officials” briefing reporters on Dubya’s new immigration-reform proposal:

QUESTION And the last thing is, do you mind just elaborating a little bit on the point you made about the rights — that you said that they will be able to come out of the shadows and have rights that U.S. workers do as far as wages and employment? Do you mind just spelling out how that would work?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Right. These people will obviously be on the books, if you will, as opposed to in an underground economy. They’ll be legally here, working legally here. They’ll pay payroll taxes, Social Security taxes and the like. As they rent property, they’ll pay property taxes and buy property and so forth.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: They’ll pay sales taxes when they buy things.

Well, that’s a relief. I’ve always been concerned about how people who entered the United States illegally have been evading the sales taxes that we citizens have to pay.