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13 May 2004

A week and a half ago, we went to Gore Place to look at the animals, and we got to see a lamb being born. Fortunately, I brought my camera.

Warning: some readers, especially readers who have never seen a mammal give birth before, may find the following pictures disturbing.

Another newborn lamb was in the barn when we arrived, so we thought this was the placenta. It turned out to be the amniotic sac. “Did I look like that when I was having our baby?” “Well, our baby’s nose wasn’t as furry.” Look for the hooves, below the nose, inside the second lamb’s amniotic sac. Mama nuzzles her minutes-old lamb. The first one, in the foreground, hasn’t found Mama’s teats yet.
Oh, yeah, we had a cute toddler with us, too. Of course, we could never get him strategically positioned close to one of the animals for long enough to get a picture.