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28 July 2004

Excerpt from a page on BEA’s Web site introducing WSRP, the chic new standard being underwritten by BEA, IBM, Oracle, SAP, and Sun, all of whom have vested interests in making computer programming as complicated as humanly possible:

User-facing web services, or presentation oriented web services, provide both application logic and presentation logic. Standard web services, or data oriented web services, contain business logic, but lack presentation logic thus requiring that every client implement its own presentation logic.

This approach works for the most part, but it is not well suited for dynamically integrating business applications. For example, to integrate an order status web service into a commerce portal you will need to write code to display the results of the status services into the portal. Using WSRP, you have the presentation logic included in the web service.

Because, y’know, that whole “separation of presentation and content” thing is sooo last year.