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Last week: Democrats demonstrate media savvy. Next week: Sun rises in west.

2 August 2004

As an avid blog reader, I admit that the blog coverage of the Democratic National Convention underwhelmed me. But as a Democrat, I am overjoyed that the party gave bloggers this unprecedented visibility. Whoever suggested inviting bloggers to the DNC deserves a high-ranking position in the Kerry Administration’s media-relations office.

Think of all the blog-related coverage last week in the mainstream media: stories about the DNC’s decision to give credentials to bloggers, stories about blogs in general, human-interest pieces about individual big-name bloggers, hand-wringing about the bloggers versus professional journalists, etc., etc. Every column-inch of those newspaper stories, and every second of that broadcast time, was a column-inch and a second not spent covering the Republicans’ response to all the Democrats’ campaign speeches.