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Email to is now even less reliable than usual

6 August 2004

I am changing mail servers; the domain name will stay the same, but the physical machine and the IP address will be new. If you sent me email since yesterday afternoon and it seems to have vanished into the ether, it’s probably just sitting at your ISP’s server waiting for DNS to get its act together. If you’ve sent me email since this morning and it’s bounced with a strange error message, it’s probably because I hadn’t quite figured out how to get Postfix, DSPAM, and maildrop to talk nicely to one another.

Right now I’m using scp to copy a mailbox from my old server, a 486 running OpenBSD 3.1, to the new one, a Mac G4 running OpenBSD 3.5. On the old server, the ssh process is taking up 60% to 70% of the CPU. On the new one, the ssh process is taking up less than 1% of the CPU.