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Time to fire up those credit cards, folks

9 September 2004

We are now entering the season where normal American citizens, and not just wonks like myself, pay attention to the Presidential campaign, and the latest polls have Bush and Kerry pretty much tied.

(The Time and Newsweek polls that gave Bush a double-digit lead appear to be outliers; see this summary of all the major national polls since the beginning of August, and see Donkey Rising for some commentary on poll methodology.)

Of course, these polls are in the wake of the Republican convention, and people who say they’re “undecided” close to an election are more likely to vote for the challenger than for the incumbent. So for Bush to be merely tied with Kerry at this point doesn’t look so good for him.

Still, it’s not a comfortable place for this Democrat to be, so I have found a few bucks to send to MoveOn PAC (because their “Real People” ad campaign looks like it’s sending the right message to the right demographic group) and Texans for Truth (because dang it, if Bush’s supporters are going to spread around scurrilous lies about Kerry to impugn his character, I’m not above spreading the scurrilous truth about Bush for the same purpose).

Let’s win this one for the Clenis!