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Bleg: Windows 95 in Hebrew

7 July 2005

For my job, I obtained a six-year-old Israeli telephone directory on CD-ROM. (Why six years old? Because now that Bezeq has its directory on the Web, there’s no market for Israeli phone books on CD-ROM. Why don’t I just use Bezeq’s Web page? Because I don’t really care about looking up phone numbers—I’m trying to dump all the names in the directory.)

The program was written for Windows 95, but all I have here is XP. If I try to run the program—even in compatibility mode—it gives the error message “Cannot find BIDI.DLL”. I assume that this DLL was distributed with Hebrew and Arabic versions of Windows 95.

So does anyone out there have a Hebrew version of Windows 95, with all the appropriate licensing paperwork, that they’re willing to give or sell to me?