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TMI 911

2 August 2005

When I am dictator of the world, I will make it illegal to broadcast images of minors on television, even if their parents consent.

Dr. Deborah A. Borchers, a pediatrician in private practice in Cincinnati and a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics committee on early childhood adoption and dependent care [said, regarding Supernanny and Nanny 911:] “As the children get older, they’ll watch the videotape of the shows of them being portrayed as brats, and they’ll be embarrassed.”

You shouldn’t have to belong to the American Academy of Pediatrics to figure that out. So why would anyone sign up for these shows? Perhaps it’s because many people believe that the only mental-health treatment they can realistically afford is the kind that you pay for by prostituting yourself to Hollywood: not just the nanny shows, but Oprah, Dr. Phil, etc.

And they might be right.