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Down by by-law

6 November 2005

I’m on a committee to revise our synagogue by-laws. We have been asked to pay special attention to the procedure for hiring a rabbi, since our current by-laws say very little about what to do, but the whole document is up for amendment.

If you, Gentle Reader, belong to a synagogue (other than, ahem, mine) and can point me to a copy of its by-laws, I would appreciate it. If your shul is sufficiently down with Robert’s Rules to have standing rules of order or other by-law-like regulations, I’d like to see those, too. And if you have enough experience with lay synagogue administration to have some insights into what works and what doesn’t in a set of by-laws, that would be really useful.

(If you do belong to my shul, you’re probably blinking and saying to yourself, “By-laws? We’re organized enough to have by-laws?”)