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פריצות לשם שמים

8 December 2005

And Reuters spake unto the Internet, saying:

A German Protestant youth group has put together a 2006 calendar with 12 staged photos depicting erotic scenes from the Bible, including a bare-breasted Delilah cutting Samson’s hair and a nude Eve offering an apple….

Anne Rohmer, 21, poses on a doorstep in garters and stockings as the prostitute Rahab, who is mentioned in both New and Old Testaments. “We wanted to represent the Bible in a different way and to interest young people,” she told Reuters.

“Anyway, it doesn’t say anywhere in the Bible that you are forbidden to show yourself nude.”

(Well, there is Paul’s remark in 1 Corinthians 11:5–15 about women covering their hair. But even among Christian fundamentalists who keep their bodies covered below the neckline, not very many people take this instruction literally.)

This looks like the perfect Christmas present for your favorite televangelist. Maybe send it bundled with a copy of The Harlot by the Side of the Road.

via Unqualified Offerings