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10 February 2006

...but comments have been temporarily disabled.

After a new reader noticed some particularly amusing comment spam, I searched some more through my archives, and installed a plugin to email me every time a new comment was posted, and…wow.

Unfortunately, blosxom (or, more precisely, blosxom’s standard “writeback” plugin) stores all the comments for one post in a single flat file, and has neither a spam-filter plugin nor a Web-based administrative interface. Therefore, managing comment spam—an essential part of managing any blog that’s open to comments and is indexed by Google—is a major pain. In the long run (hopefully within a week or so), I’m going to migrate this blog to a different platform. In the short run, I’ve turned off the writeback plugin.

You can still comment on recent postings in yesh omrim’s LiveJournal feed (if, that is, you have been assimilated into the Collectivehave an LJ account). Or you can send me email. And you should. Because we care.