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Greetings from Virginia

26 May 2006

If you can see this (and the domain name in your browser doesn’t begin with “groundcherry”), then your DNS client can see at its new IP address, which points to a virtual server run by the nice folks at OpenHosting.

There is a certain cachet to being able to tell people “go to this URL and you will see a Web page served from a computer that is in my basement”, but it’s not worth the tzuris of losing a long weekend’s worth of hits, or more, when the server flakes out and I can’t go down to that basement and fix it right away.

Also, it turns out that it will cost less for me to get a virtual server at OpenHosting (where I am still root within my sandbox) plus a standard DSL service for home (the kind that doesn’t let me run a server), than it’s costing me now to have a static IP address (the kind that does let me run a server in my basement) through Speakeasy.

(If you do want to host a Web server in your basement, or have some other reason to want a geek-friendly ISP, we heartily recommend Speakeasy. We have no complaints about the service they’ve given us; it’s just that we’re moving on to a different kind of service.)

P.S.: Sorry for the hiatus; between Pesach, a string of illnesses in the nuclear family, and a string of visits to and from the extended family, blogging time has been, shall we say, constrained.

P.P.S.: Happy third blogiversary to me!