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If you’re gonna be a crook, be a classy crook

9 December 2008

Rod Blagojevich, the recently-arrested Governor of Illinois, may be “not as bright” as George W. Bush, but if Ali Ata’s testimony is to be believed, even Blagojevich knows how to take a bribe:

[¶21] …After he arrived at Rezko’s offices, Ata was greeted by Rezko to whom he handed the check in an envelope. Rezko, carrying the check, ushered Ata into a conference room where he met with Rezko and ROD BLAGOJEVICH. Rezko placed the envelope containing Ata’s $25,000 check to ROD BLAGOJEVICH’s campaign on the conference room table between himself and ROD BLAGOJEVICH

I hope that future corrupt politicians will follow the example of Governor Blagojevich and the legions of respectable graft-seekers who preceded him, instead of crassly stuffing greenbacks into their undergarments.