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Democrats grow spines, gonads, teeth

9 October 2009

Many progressives, myself included, have been concerned that (a) Democratic politicians are so used to losing that they will continue to act like losers on the floor of Congress, even when they are in the majority; (b) with war, the economy, and health care at the front of most people’s minds, Obama and the Congressional Democrats will push LGBT issues to the back burner until, umm, half-past never.

So let me give credit where credit is due: the House passed a bill to extend Federal hate-crimes protection to gay, lesbian, bi, and trans people, and the Democrats played hardball to get it passed—they attached the hate-crimes extension to a defense-appropriations bill and dared the Republicans to vote against the whole bill.

The article quotes Senator McCain, of all people, saying that “elections have consequences”. Elections damn well should have consequences and this particular consequence is most welcome.