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I, for one, welcome our new Nordic overlords

9 April 2010

Like most of my co-workers, I have long expected that my happy little GeoStartup would some day be acquired by a much larger company—the IPO market being kind of shvakh these days—but I was surprised to learn which company ended up acquiring us. After having some time to reflect, though, I can appreciate what a far-sighted decision that was. A corporate group that purchases its raw materials in 55 different countries, manufactures its products in 10, distributes them from 16, and offers retail outlets in 25; a group with over a hundred thousand employees and over 20 billion euros in annual sales; a brand known worldwide for low prices, quality manufacturing, and social conscience; one that continually strives to improve itself—surely such a corporate colossus can find new and innovative uses for a cutting-edge Geographic Search and Reference Platform.

Also, that couch we bought from Jordan’s a few years back is really showing its age, and—

What’s that?

We were bought by Nokia?

Sorry. I thought it was Ikea.