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I’m well-informed! Whod’a thunk it?

14 January 2004

At chez yesh omrim, we don’t have much time to watch TV (except for Buffy DVDs), reception is lousy when we do watch, and we have better things than cable to soak up our money (e.g., the DSL line through which this very page is transmitted to our loyal readers and RSS syndicators). The Pew Internet Project confirms that I’m not missing anything.

In the course of a very long poll, they asked respondents what news sources they learn regularly from, and then asked them to identify which Democratic candidate was an former general and which was a former House majority leader. Of the respondents who regularly learn something from the Internet, 39 percent got both questions right. This beat every other option on the list, including NPR (36 percent), Sunday political TV shows (31 percent), and nightly network news shows (20 percent).

Another tidbit of good news from the poll: 13 percent of white respondents learn something “regularly” from the Internet, and 18 percent learn something “sometimes”. For black respondents, the respective numbers were 11 and 30 percent.

via BuzzMachine