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19 January 2004

It would be bad form to say this on the campaign trail, but the ideological distinctions between the major Democratic Presidential candidates are almost trivial. Dean has been cast as “the anti-war candidate” simply because he didn’t support the blank check that Congress wrote the President in the fall of 2002. Lieberman is supposed to be the most conservative Democrat in the race, but his 2002 Americans for Democratic Action rating is 95%—as compared with 85% for Kerry and 30% for Zell Miller (the DINO from Georgia). Any one of these guys would make a better President than Dubya, and any one of them, if elected, will have to compromise his agenda to deal with Republicans in Congress. Thus all the chatter about “electability.”

I submit that despite widespread fears to the contrary, Dean is the most electable Democrat in the race. Consider:

The anyone-but-Dean folks in the Democratic Party have a nightmare: Dean gets nominated, he runs a campaign that fires up hard-core Democrats but alienates Middle America, and leads the party to a crushing defeat. This fear is not entirely unfounded, but I have my own nightmare, which goes something like this:

Hopefully, neither of these nightmares will come to pass.

God bless America—and please hurry!