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New and improved link list, in tasty HTML and RSS flavors

24 March 2004

I’ve set up an account with, a “social bookmarks manager,” and set up the blog to include my most recent postings in the upper right. When I have enough of those, I’ll comment out the code for my old sideblog.

The good part of this service: generates an RSS feed for my list-o’-links, so I don’t have to hack the sideblog module to add that feature. The bad part: there’s no support for a “via” link to give credit to someone else for finding a page, and the fellow running the site seems philosophically opposed to adding that feature. But until I write my own PipeDreamBlog software to include every feature I think is important for a weblog to have, this should serve me nicely.

If you have your own account, or are inspired to create one (it’s free!), please let me know about it, so I can add its feed to my own aggregator.