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Technical difficulties

30 October 2009

Our server has been locking up repeatedly over the past few days, apparently because our spam filter was consuming an obscene amount of memory. I have (probably) fixed the problem, and if it weren’t less than an hour before sunset on Friday, I would have an extensive and geeky rant about what happened, but instead I will just provide a user-friendly public-service announcement:

If you have sent email to us in the past few days and you have not received a bounce message from your Internet service provider, we will (probably) get it Real Soon Now. If you did receive a bounce message, it is now (probably) safe to resend the message. If you have been treating email as a communications medium that is generally guaranteed to reach its destination in a matter of hours, please adjust your expectations… it usually works that way, but nothing in the perverse architecture of the Internet really guarantees that it will do so.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Unless, of course, you are a spammer.