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4 November 2009

I have certain warm fuzzy feelings—in my reptilian hindbrain, you might say—for the original V miniseries, and I figured it would be a refreshing change to watch a new TV show when it is broadcast instead of waiting a few years for the DVDs to arrive. So I saw the first episode of the remake.

Micro-mini-review: Meh.

Slightly longer review with spoilers: If a bunch of hawt alien refugees from Obama’s Presidential campaign show up with their Cunning Plan to Take Over The World, I would subcontract out the Resistance Movement to Al-Qaeda before trusting the fifth-columnists who reveal themselves in the fifth act. Why on earth did Ryan gather a dozen potential resistance fighters, including at least two whom nobody could vouch for, in one place, where they could hear his infodump and then conveniently be slaughtered? If this guy really cares about saving the planet, why didn’t he spend a few minutes in the library and learn how to set up a proper cell structure for passing along the same information? And did that FBI agent really let a member of a suspected terrorist cell inject her with an alleged anaesthetic and cut open her skin? And doesn’t Mr. Ambitious Newscaster know how to grease a source? And WTF did Reverend Young and Skeptical mean when he declared he didn’t understand how “God and aliens could live in the same universe”?

I think this show is set in a universe where the Visitors really are the only form of intelligent life.

Also, the Visitors don’t do that cool reverb thing with their voices that they did in the original series. My reptilian hindbrain is so disappointed.