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All of this has been sung before and it all will be sung again

15 November 2009

After I first heard the Philadelphia Chickens CD, I went around telling friends and acquaintances, “There’s this Sandra Boynton CD with a song called ‘Belly Button’, and it’s a round! Get it? Belly button? Round? Isn’t that great?”

More recently, we got a They Might Be Giants CD, Here Comes Science, which contains this delightful song about meteors, and is also a round:

If I thought there was the slightest hope of seeing the Leonids in this neck of the woods, I would suggest getting a whole bunch of people to sing this on a hilltop as we watch.

I guess I just like rounds. Who else composes rounds, these days? Is it a moribund art, like plays where all the characters speak blank verse?